Company law has been tightened up considerably over the past few years. This has meant that executive board members, managing directors and senior managers now find themselves confronted with a number of legal tightropes to negotiate. Situations can arise far more rapidly than one would imagine in which companies face constellations that make them liable to prosecution – and this without any intention on their part at all. Criminal investigations – whether justified or not – affect not only the personal reputation of the accused; they can put the entire existence of the company at risk.

The confiscation of electronic data processing material and the securing of data files and business documents can place the future of the company under investigation in doubt. Just the mere suspicion of criminal involvement may have such a negative impact that the consequences for the firm become existential.

For this reason we place particular emphasis on the role of prevention in the area of company law. We like to point out to our clients early on just how much scope they have within the confines of the law to help them avoid legal conflicts from the outset. If, despite this, they should find themselves under investigation we then work together with our clients on a comprehensive defence strategy. We take on all communication with the authorities and represent the interests of our clients in court.